chris rizo, director of strategic marketing

Mr. Rizo concentrates his educational background and industry experience in identifying and analyzing strategies aimed to penetrate markets through key target partners, and in developing resonant B2B marketing strategies. In close collaboration with the business development team at NuSpot Technologies, Mr. Rizo plays a key role in defining the product pipeline, which includes building business cases, and providing analyzed market research and integrating customer input. He led the commercial and industrial research team and provided critical support for the commercial development team during the DARPA SBIR Phase I (Award 140D6318C0009) for the development of free standing super-resolving phase filters. Critical support included producing foundational research about key industrial partners, developing maps of industry supply chains, and creating the B2B pitch to engage customers. Additionally, he leads all efforts in brand development, strategy integration and deployment, as well as providing support in forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

Mr. Rizo has a degree in English and Business Management with a concentration in marketing. He is pursuing his law degree from the University of Missouri. In a key business leader role, Chris was selected by the National Science Foundation iCorps program in 2016, to assist high-tech startups in developing marketing strategies.