our Innovations 

A Fundamental Problem

For nearly seven decades attempts have been made to produce a subwavelenght spot of light, or “superresolved” spot, exploiting an optical phenomenon known as diffraction.  The idea is that a “superresolved” spot with an exceptionally small diameter could be realized using the diffraction of light waves. In principle, there is no fundamental reason why this type of “superresolution” cannot be achieved. In practice, however, conventional methods resolve a beam spot with very limited success. This is because the spot size for a specific wavelength could only be reduced to its physical limit by increasing the diameter of the lens, thereby making a system expensive and costly. For example, large lithographic or surveillance lenses can cost several million dollars.



Our solutions scale across wavelengths and application types.


Create "super-resolved" spots at sub-wavelength levels for optical systems without using lenses.


Push to the theoretical limits of optical systems using techniques that have never been commercially available before.





Previous Solutions Are Expensive

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them
— A. E.

Previous solutions to this problem resulted in minimal success. Competing superresolving masks have made some progress, but have had to sacrifice intensity of the crucial region creating large “parasitic” side-lobes of light making practical application restricted or limited. In other words, the intensity that would otherwise be directed to the superresolved spot of light was lost, or pushed outside of the superresolved spot area, therefore making the usefulness of such solution restrictive. Other technologies, such as nano-apertures or tapered filters require close proximity to a surface making the height fluctuations and surface collision an issue.


Technically speaking

NuSpot Technologies provides a new solution for creating a subwavelength spot of light that is straightforward to manufacture, low cost, and can be integrated into existing technologies with minimal disruption. NuSpot Technologies is developing a novel superresolving mask that cleverly exploits diffraction to generate a subwavelength diameter, or “superresolved” spot of light while suppressing the usual parasitic side-lobes that limit applications.