dr. Paolo Batoni, CTO

Dr. Batoni is an experience technical leader with over 13 years experience in optoelectronics and product development, with an emphasis of ultraviolet (UV) and Deep UV radiation emitters and sensors.

His professional background includes groundbreaking innovation in water, and air disinfection with UV radiation from light emitting diodes (LEDs). As the Principal Investigator for Federally Funded SBIR Projects he has successfully demonstrated the first portable air disinfection system integrating UV LEDs, and co-developed the world’s first UV-C LED water disinfection system.

Paolo is the first and only IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholar in the Carolinas, GE CRD alumnus. He holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering. Experience in industry and academia with an emphasis on nitride semiconductor optoelectronics, and on the areas of crystalline material growth and and characterization, and very large scale integration (VLSI) processing.